GMSVN newsletter July 2018

This newsletter describes the ongoing work of GMSVN to develop the network and some of the key wider activities currently going on around social value in Greater Manchester.

Please contact us if you have news of interest to other members of the network that should be included in future newsletters.

You can download a PDF version GMSVN newsletter July 2018 or scroll down for all the latest news. 

Business Plan

GMSVN Steering Group held an away day in February to assess our achievements, the continuing challenges and future opportunities. Following this we have created a delivery plan to guide our work which will be shared more widely soon. Future planned activities include: developing a short-version training; creating a social value film; developing specialist training for commissioners in how to embed social value into specifications; and holding “show and tell” conferences where organisations and businesses tell each other about what they’re doing.


On Friday 8 June a Social Value event was held that sparked a call out on twitter for people to share examples of how their organisation delivers social value. We’ve decided to keep the hashtag going by encouraging people to share their stories each Friday. Some weeks we’ll have specific themes, others it’s a free for all!

Get involved by sharing how you or others do good business using the hashtag #ThatsSocialValue

Follow the hashtag on twitter to see what has happened in previous weeks or check out a summary on our website

News from Greater Manchester and beyond

GM Social Value Policy

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is refreshing the GM Social Value Policy in time to be launched at the National Social Value Task Force being held in Manchester in November (we’ll send out details when we know more).

The updated policy will take account of the Greater Manchester Strategy (Our People, Our Place). The policy will be developed in conjunction with all sectors and partners across GM including the Health and Social Care Partnership and will consider:

  • Taking a consistent approach across GM
  • Making Social Value a strategic enabler for delivery of the GMS, particularly Inclusive Growth?
  • Taking a more proactive approach to the Social Value ‘ask’ by demanding specific outputs
  • Considering a GM wide ICT platform to measure and manage Social Value activity
  • Working with ‘Anchor Institutions’ to further embed Social Value across GM
  • Opportunities for Social Value in relation to the construction and development? Are we making the most of the scale and size of development in GM?

Members of the GM Social Value network steering group will play a part in the development of new Social Value Policy.

Bolton Social Value Partnership

The Bolton Social Value Partnership was set up in 2017 to explore ways in which partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors across Bolton could come together to develop and embed a social value approach for Bolton which aligns to both the GM social value policy and the Bolton 2030 vision.

It has 3 key functions;

  • To collect examples of social value from across Bolton and GM and provide a link with GMSVN
  • To support organisations in Bolton to deliver effective social value through training and engagement and
  • To influence organisations within Bolton and ensure that social value is embedded within policy making and practice.

The partnership is coordinated by Bolton CVS and membership includes Bolton Council, Bolton at Home, Seddons, Keoghs, BWCT, The Octagon, Bolton CCG, University of Bolton, Boo Consulting and Urban Outreach.

Bolton Social Business Collective

The Bolton Social Business Collective launched in April, borne out of sparks of conversations between local community and small business leaders with a shared vision to make a difference in the town. The Collective will create a space for sharing ideas and learning, strengthening local connections and will build a foundation for increasing social value. It will also form part of the Bolton Family, a body which brings together some of the major employers in Bolton to work together with the council and voluntary sector in support of the Bolton 2030 Vision.

At the first open gathering in June, 15 small businesses came together, keen to share ideas on what, why and how the collective should work together in the future. The focus was on the benefits of having a collective voice for social business in Bolton and over the next few weeks, we will be working together to write a shared manifesto. Find out more, including the date of the next gathering by following our Facebook Page

BW3 – Wythenshawe Business Network

BW3 is a business network in Wythenshawe. A group of MBA students from Manchester Business School have recently completed a Social Return on Investment study on behalf of the network. The study evaluates the Aspirational Mentoring and Numbers at Work programmes delivered by the network in support of local schools. Several members of the network attended the GMSVN event that hosted in Wythenshawe a few months ago.

Colette Humphrey from Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (and GMSVN Steering Group) plans to support members of the network in increasing awareness and understanding of social value through the training course available from GMSVN and through further networking events. More information on the BW3 is available at

Greater Manchester Housing Providers

The Greater Manchester Housing Providers are working together to engage existing and potential suppliers to the sector in creating more social value. The aim is to increase understanding of the procurement process and in particular in how to respond to questions about social value. An event was held at the end of February with session topics including employment, service providers, using social enterprises and the living wage. The housing providers are working with The Growth Hub to plan further events and training that will take place across Greater Manchester.

EU Urban Agenda Partnership for Responsible and Innovative Public Procurement

The GMSVN Chair, Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson is an advisor to the EU Urban Agenda Partnership for Responsible and Innovative Public Procurement. Operating over a three year period, the Partnership is seeking to shift the way in which procurement is undertaken across Europe so that it delivers greater social and environmental benefits. An action plan has been developed, with the Partnership seeking to develop guidance around procurement strategy and a cross-Europe spend analysis tool (amongst other things). The action plan is out for public consultation and can be viewed here:

Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance

GMPA have brought together people from across GM, including those with first-hand experience to launch the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance. The aim of the Alliance is to produce a Food Poverty Action Plan that will reduce and prevent food poverty, support communities to plan and adapt to the challenge of food poverty, and address structural issues that underlie food poverty. The Alliance is still in the early stages and GMPA want to encourage new people to participate. If you are interested in joining the Alliance, you can find out more about the project and how to get involved here.

New Social Value Worker in Salford

Salford CVS has secured funding through the GM Health and Social Care Transformation Fund to employ a new Social Value Development Worker, Deb Drinkwater. Her new role is to embed social value across the Salford Wellbeing Matters Programme, support local VCSE organisations with their social value measurement, engage with businesses and other local stakeholders to drive forward the 10% Better Campaign and support the ongoing administration of Salford’s Social Value Alliance. Deb can be contacted at

Salford Procurement

Salford Together, the City’s Health and Social Care Integrated Commissioning Organisation, is forging ahead to embed social value into its procurement. Using the 10% Better campaign metrics as a guide, Salford Together is looking to focus its social value into the 11 outcomes identified by the campaign as being those which will really make the most difference for the city and its people.

Northern Care Alliance

Salford Royal Foundation Trust is bringing together representatives from across the Northern Care Alliance to develop a Social Value Strategy, which will give a focus to social value for the acute system across Salford, Bury, Rochdale and Oldham.

10% better campaign

New branding was launched on 12th June for Salford’s 10% Better Campaign, which invites organisations to  consider which of 11 outcomes they already contribute to, and by  making a pledge, to improve on that outcome by 10%.

For example Salford Community Leisure have pledged to:

  • Increase volunteering by 10%
  • Increase the number of young people who are in employment education and training by 10%
  • Increase the number of Salford people saying they have good wellbeing by 10%

To find out more about existing pledges, campaign updates and Social Value resources go to

Social Value Toolkit for Commissioners

Manchester City Council has developed a toolkit for commissioners to go alongside its Social Value Toolkit for Suppliers. Further information from

Responsible Business Reports

The Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit (IGAU) have produced a series of reports on the role of responsible business in inclusive growth.

Greater Manchester Employer Charter

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) are developing a Good Employer Charter to support employers in best practice, help them to grow and provide good jobs. A consultation has been carried out and the charter is being drafted.


Please contact us if you have news of interest to other members of the network that should be included in future newsletters.

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