Get involved

There are many ways that you can support the network and promote social value in Greater Manchester:

  • Tell us about events in GM that members of the network might want to attend so we can let the rest of the network know
  • Contribute news to our newsletter/website:
    • News about your organisation’s journey in maximising social value
    • News about social value developments in GM
  • Contribute to our website:
    • Write a blog – we’re especially interested in blogs about the journey your organisation is on to put social value at the heart of what you are doing
    • Write a case study about your organisation
  • Offer a venue for a network conference (has to fit at least 50 people with space for workshops) or offering to sponsor an event
  • Organising a network event in your geographical or business area
  • Hosting a training session about social value in your geographical or business area – we’re developing a training course that you can use
  • Influencing public, private and voluntary organisations to adopt social value policies and strategies
  • Become a volunteer to support the work of the network – contact us if you’re interested and we’ll tell you what’s involved
  • Or last, but not least, doing anything else that you think will further the aim of the network (and telling us about it).