Get involved

Get involved by joining our email list (contact us via the form on the ‘About‘ page) and / or our Linked in group.

The network is co-ordinated by a small steering group, all of whom are volunteers. You can support the network by doing any (or all) of the following:

  • Telling us about events in GM that members of the network might want to attend so we can let the rest of the network know
  • Contributing to our website:
    • Write a blog – we’re especially interested in blogs about the journey your organisation is on to put social value at the heart of what you are doing
    • Write a case-study about your organisations
  • Contributing news for our newsletter /website:
    • News about your organisation’s journey in maximising social value
    • News about social value developments in GM
  • Joining our linked-in group and use it to contact other members of the network to
    • Ask a question
    • Start a discussion
    • Find other people to do stuff with
  • Coming to our network conferences
  • Offering a venue for a network conference (has to fit at least 50 people with space for workshops) or offering to sponsor an event
  • Organising a network event in your geographical or business area
  • Getting involved in one of our (occasional) sub-groups that focus on a particular topic (e.g. training)
  • Putting on training about social value in your geographical or business area – we’re developing a training course that you can use
  • Influencing public, private and voluntary organisations to adopt social value policies and strategies
  • Becoming one of the volunteers who coordinate the network – contact us if you’re interested and we’ll tell you what’s involved
  • Or last, but not least, doing anything else that you think will further the aim of the network (and telling us about it)

Please contact a member of the steering group for any support in achieving this, and we can provide introductions to other relevant contacts across Greater Manchester.

Contact us via the form on the ‘About‘ page if you want to send us details of events, case studies or blogs.


We ask GMSVN Network members to be pro-active in their approach to the delivery and promotion of social value. Some questions for consideration include:

  • How do you embed the activities and themes outlined in the GM Social Value Framework into everything your organisation does (not just as a result of procurement)?
  • Who else are you talking to about social value and how are you working with them to improve outcomes?
  • How are you trying to encourage other organisations to improve their delivery of social value outcomes?
  • How can you support GMSVN to raise awareness of social value and increase activity across GM?