GMSVN workshop materials

Making the most difference

A workshop on social value

GMSVN has developed a half day workshop with the aim of increasing the community benefit delivered by private, statutory and non-profit organisations.

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • understand what a social value approach is
  • understand how it applies to their organisation, and
  • will have the beginnings of an action plan.

The workshop has been piloted and works well with mixed groups of public, private, community and voluntary sector organisations and this is encouraged. It can also be used within a single organisation or department and works with staff at any level within an organisation. The workshop is fun, hard work, interactive, participatory and encourages networking.

The workshop is intended for people who want to increase the community benefit of their organisation.

The workshop materials are free to use (with some conditions).

The workshop is designed to be carried out by experienced facilitators with knowledge of social value. If you would like to run the workshop but do not have a suitable experienced facilitator then please contact GMSVN and we will try to put you in touch with one.

Feedback on workshop
Removes the mystique of social value
It really embedded an understanding of social value and social impact and how to go away and incorporate it in practice
Great to apply what has been taught to your own service as it identifies many positives that you are already doing as well as ways you can improve

The workshop materials include:
1) A slide presentation
2) A set of  handouts
3) A Trainers Guide

The workshop materials are free to use on the following conditions:

  • You must explain to workshop participants what GMSVN is, and how to join if participants work within Greater Manchester.
  • You must keep the GMSVN logo on the slides.
  • You can charge a fee for the workshop but the fee has to be significantly under market price or free.

We want to track who receives the workshop materials so that we can find out how they are used and request feedback to help us improve them as required. To request a pack please complete your details below and we’ll email you a copy.