That’s Social Value

On Friday 8 June a Social Value event was held that sparked a call out on twitter for people to share examples of how their organisation delivers social value.

@HazelBlearsCoop “Social value is about a transformation from CSR to using your mainstream business operations to do good.”

ThatsSocialValue start 3

Some great examples were shared, so we’re going to carry on the twitter conversation each Friday to encourage people to keep sharing ideas across the network.

To participate please use the hashtag #ThatsSocialValue


We’ll collate some of the ideas here but to see all the examples just follow the #ThatsSocialValue hashtag on twitter.

ThatsSocialValue continuation 3

Week 1: See all the examples shared of how people are delivering great social value

Employment: We supported National Employability Day by tweeting examples relating to work and skills

Health: We celebrated the 70th birthday of the NHS by tweeting examples of promoting good health to employees and the community