Good Practice in Social Value Partnerships

GMSVN in partnership with Macc and Manchester Homelessness Partnership have produced a guideline for how to forge successful local partnerships between private and voluntary sectors.

We believe that social value initiatives are most successful when there is a strong partnership between private and voluntary sector organisations. However, we could find little guidance on how to foster and/or broker these relationships at a local level. So, we decided to produce our own. We delayed the publication because of the Covid-19 crisis and launched it at the same time as GMSVN’s new manifesto.

On the 13th March 2020 a diverse group of charities, businesses, and brokerage bodies met to create a good practice list based on their experiences of social value projects. The participants were: Antz, Arup, Manchester Mind, Allied London, Clarke Telecom, Groundwork, Bowmer and Kirkland, Trafford Housing Trust, LFTS, Manchester City Council, Manchester Homelessness Partnership, Mustard Tree, Bruntwood and The Men’s Room.

The top 3 priorities in creating effective social value partnerships identified by participants were:

  1. Creating long-term relationships
  2. Focusing on the cause
  3. Setting clear and realistic goals

The group went on to identify a further set of recommendations under the three headings of: forming relationships; maintaining relationships; and ending relationships.


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