GMSVN Newsletter Feb 2019

This newsletter describes the ongoing work of GMSVN to develop the network and some of the key wider activities currently going on around social value in Greater Manchester.

Please contact us if you have news of interest to other members of the network that should be included in future newsletters.


GMSVN has been awarded funding to hold a business planning away day to further examine the findings of the People’s Procurement research project and start to develop a platform for collaboration between all sectors.

The GMSVN steering group is in discussion with The Growth Company to receive support from their Marketing Department to help them create a funding plan as a paid coordinator is needed to continue and increase the work of the network.

GMSVN Events sub-group is planning a number of events including a conference in Stockport.

GMSVN Training sub-group is continuing to develop new resources including: how to include social value in specifications: and radical approaches to procurement.

If you’d like to be involved in GMSVN sub-groups then please contact us.

News from Greater Manchester and beyond

European Platforms

The Chair of GMSVN, Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson is undertaking work across Europe around social value. In this he regularly promotes the role of GMSVN in influencing the way in which those in the public, private and social sectors operate. On 14th November 2018, Matthew was in Vienna to talk to the Director Generals of the European Commission’s Urban Development Group about how social value can be more effectively embedded into European procurement policy and practice.

Inspiring Impact SVUK

GMSVN Core Group member, Anne Lythgoe, has been invited onto the Steering Group for the national Inspiring Impact Programme. This will give GMSVN access to a wider network of detailed learning about measuring impact to signpost people to. As part of this work, Social Value UK will develop ‘networks’ around social value and managing impact to disseminate learning, and we are hoping that GMSVN can benefit from working with them.

Social Value Portal/Social Value UK Conference

A number of members of GMSVN attended and presented at the joint Social Value Portal and Social Value UK conference on 20th and 21st November 2018. The conference was a useful opportunity to hear about latest developments around social value evaluation and impact measurement. GMSVN members highlighted the importance of social value to changing the way in which places operate and its importance as being a key overarching theme in strategy.

Social Accounting

Karen Smith has recently joined Anne Lythgoe as a Director of the Social Audit Network. She is looking to build capacity around Social Accounting in Bolton through the establishment of Action Learning Sets.

GM Social Value Policy Review

The GMCA Social Value Policy is concerned with the Social Value that is delivered through public sector procurement. The review of the 2014 GMCA Social Value Policy has involved discussion and consultation with a range of stakeholders.

Recommendations from the review include:

  • Measurement is necessary to identify the contribution that Social Value makes.
  • Guidance for suppliers including links to local initiatives and organisations that can help suppliers develop Social Value plans to support tenders.
  • GM Public Sector spend is around £8bn per annum, the GM GVA is around £70bn so engaging with the wider GM economy (outside of the public sector supply chain) will increase the Social Value gain.
  • Training is needed for Procurers, Commissioners, Budget Holders, Suppliers, Voluntary Sector and businesses.
  • Development of a focussed approach to asking for specific social value outcomes that still encourages suppliers to provide innovative proposals.
  • Training and guidance should include developing the skills of commissioners and budget holders to be more targeted in designing Social Value aspects within tenders.
  • Innovative approaches to procurement are required to support new models of service delivery and Social Value opportunities will be enhanced if this is applied more widely – an example would be to co-design services with innovators, stakeholders and commissioners/budget holders to develop new solutions to delivering services that are under pressure from increasing demand and reducing funding.
  • Construction has historically provided Social Value in the form of training and apprentice opportunities during the construction phase but there is a need to exploit the opportunity to deliver Social Value from the completed buildings.

The consultation identified that a strong appetite remains for a common approach across GM public sector and that Social Value in procurement should support delivery of each authority’s own locality related objectives. These objectives generally reflect the objectives outlined in the Greater Manchester Strategy (GMS) but with a local nuance. Next steps include:

  1. Social Value should be monitored and this would best be supported by an ICT system linked to the procuring organisation’s procurement portal and Contract Management arrangements. The approach should provide access to this information at a locality level but also enable central correlation of Social Value outcomes by GMCA and the GMHSCP so that both local and centralised reporting is available.
  2. An ICT system should be established to provide “brokerage” for Social Value opportunities by making needs and opportunities available to bidders and voluntary sector organisations to help to deliver better Social Value outcomes.
  3. Training should be delivered through a range of means including face to face, “meet the supplier” events, on-line induction and refresher training, and web tools and the GM Social Value Network will be central to making quality assured, consistent and up to date materials available for use across GM.

People’s Procurement Project

Through the People’s Procurement project under the banner of Jam & Justice, Greater Manchester Social Value Network (GMSVN) have been engaged with a series of visioning workshops in which procurement practitioners and VCSE sector leads have individually and collectively developed a narrative of future success.

The research process weaved together the narratives of the groups and crystallised this around 6 priorities, 3 projects and 4 outcomes (see below).

Social Enterprise Summit

The GM Social Enterprise Summit was held on 15th November 2018, and was attended by over 200 people from 150 different organisations.  The event featured a series of panel discussions and workshops exploring the role of social enterprises in creating a thriving, inclusive economy in all parts of Greater Manchester.  It showcased some of region’s social enterprises, with a number of market-stalls promoting their products and services.

The Summit also saw Andy Burnham supporting the launch of a new ‘vision for social enterprise’ developed by the Greater Manchester Social Enterprise Network (GMSEN) in consultation with partners across GM.

GM Housing Providers

GM Housing Providers Social Value Group continues to bring together representatives from housing providers across GM to explore how they can collectively deliver greater social value across the city-region.  17 housing providers have signed a Social Value Pledge, which commits to a number of actions including:

  • Embedding social value into procurement and contract management processes
  • Establishing a framework to measure the impact of supply chain spend.
  • A collective approach to reducing leakage of spend from the GM economy
  • Simplifying social value for suppliers.
  • Educating suppliers around social value, influencing behaviour and signposting.

The group recently published an infographic demonstrating the additional social value that Housing providers deliver across GM through their business activities.

For more info, follow GMHP on twitter at @GMHousing.

Social Housing Green Paper

The Government Social Housing Green Paper asked if housing providers should report on the social value they deliver. GMCA responded positively and submitted a copy of the joint GMHP social value infographic as an example of reporting.

Local Industrial Strategy

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the UK Government have agreed to work together to develop one of the country’s first modern local industrial strategies. The Greater Manchester Local Industrial Strategy will outline a set of long-term policy priorities to help guide industrial development and provide a joint plan for good jobs and growth in Greater Manchester. GMCA and the Government wish to co-design the strategy with business, the community, the voluntary and social enterprise (VCSE) sector and citizens.

Business Growth Hub

Part of the Growth Company, the Business Growth hub has submitted a bid for European and GMCA funding to continue to support small to medium sized enterprises across Greater Manchester.  Subject to an imminent decision the funding will enable support to continue to 2021, with an offer that incudes workforce development, business start-up which for the first time will include ‘lifestyle’ companies, and health and wellbeing support.

Life through a lens

The Growth Company, provides a large number of ever changing services. Describing its offer in terms of social value is challenging, a problem shared with many GMSVN members.  To help overcome this, they are looking to identify client Personas, fictional characters created to represent clients that might use their website or service offers.  While development is in its infancy, internal buy-in is strong and if successful it could act as a route map helping others describe how they create value in the communities they support.

Employee Volunteering

The Growth Company are supporting their staff to volunteer in local organisations which align to their company values. If you have opportunities for volunteers which would benefit from their professional skills than please contact who sits on our GMSVN Steering group, and is the lead on Social Value for GC.

Living Wage Week

Boo Coaching & Consulting recently hosted a couple of events in Bolton as part of Living Wage Week. There are only 19 Living Wage accredited organisations in Bolton and Boo has pledged to work with others to double this in 2019.

Bolton Social Value Partnership

The Bolton Social Value Partnership has produced a paper that sets out Bolton’s approach to Social Value. It highlights areas of good practice and offering some suggestions for future action. The paper is intended to raise the profile of Social Value in Bolton. The Partnership is also looking to integrate Social Value into the 2019 Bolton Vision Conference, which will focus on the theme of prosperity. A Bolton Social Value Pledge is being developed.

Social Business Collective

The Social Business Collective continues to attract more small businesses with a social purpose in Bolton. The focus so far has been on networking, mutual support and shared learning. The intention is to broaden the membership in 2019, to develop the capacity of small business to connect into local supply chains and connect the Collective into the strategic picture around Social Value in Bolton.

Bolton at Home

Bolton At Home, the main social housing provider in Bolton is now an accredited Living Wage provider and is intending to incorporate living wage requirements into contracts.

Manchester City Council Social Value Strategy Group

Manchester City Council is bringing together staff from across all of its departments to focus on how they can increase social value of the council itself and within procurement. It has heard from a number of departments about the work they are doing.

Manchester Homelessness Partnership

MHP through Streetwise Support Network are linking together over 100 private sector companies with community and voluntary sector groups to increase capacity to support people who are homeless in Manchester.

One Manchester’s Social Value Team wins award!

One Manchester were delighted to be named a winner at the National Social Value Awards 2018 in the ‘Embedding Social Value into Procurement’ category.

One Manchester’s winning application was based around its approach to embed social value into procurement and project delivery strategy. This included the appointment of a Social Value Lead, Social Value Toolkit for suppliers and support for bidders to help them deliver on their pledges. For more information contact: Leigh McLaughlin, Social Value & Bid Adviser.

Our Manchester Grant Programme

The Grant Programme is the main Manchester City Council Grant Programme for Manchester and funds over 60 community and voluntary sector organisations. The programme team have begun work with these organisations to help them understand and measure their social value.

Stockport Council

Stockport Council has established a Corporate Social Responsibility Group, which is planning work to build relationships between local businesses and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. The Council sees itself as a local ‘anchor’, employer of local people, spending in the local economy and is exploring how staff volunteering can support local community activity. The Council is working with local social enterprises and CICs to develop transactional networks and partnerships to ramp up the social value that is created.

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