#ThatsSocialValue Employment

Friday 29 June was National Employability Day so we joined in the theme by asking people to tweet examples of delivering social value connected to employment.

@GMSocialValue It’s Friday, which means it’s time to share examples of the great stuff you or others do. Include in your tweets. As it’s UK Employability Day let’s go with that theme

You can find them all by following the #ThatsSocialValue but a selection of ideas are below:

@GroundWorkCLM Louise’s mild autism made it difficult for her to trust strangers & people in a work setting. Team Programme helped Louise build her confidence. After a work experience placement at she was given a job. All she’d needed was a chance to shine

@PeterCoxNovus Great to be at St George’s Hall to discuss the value of employing ex-offenders with partners & employers

@WeAreHowDoI This year’s Employability Day is focusing on increasing access to employment for all. is passionate about making employment accessible for people with disabilities, so we’re sharing blogs & infographics we’ve written to raise awareness.

@Motiv8GM It’s official, and we’ve now got the winners logo to prove it! To find out more about , the Building Better Opportunities programme for Greater Manchester click here

@FamilyBolton @wwardrobebl1 Cory is going for his first job interview next week at McDonald’s. We talked about first impressions at interview, his body language and what qualities employers are looking for at his age. Well be keeping in contact with Cory and working on his skills.

@J_L_Fisher We’re celebrating Last year supported 200+ residents in 2 work, plus apprenticeships programmes, traineeships, women in trades initiatives etc. This year we’re doing even more including work in primary and secondary schools on careers advice & support

@Growthcouk Here at The Growth Company, we’re proud to offer placements to clients. If you’d like to make a difference to someone’s life (and find great new talent in the process, just like Carla), get in touch with our team

@GMtalentmatch Happy Employability Day! Greater Manchester Talent Match are proud to have supported nearly 500 young people into employment across GM. Check out some inspiring stories here: