Nigel Rose

Strategic Lead for Commissioning, Macc


Nigel Rose is currently Strategic Lead for Commissioning with Macc, the voluntary sector infrastructure body for Manchester. The focus of his work is on improving the way that the public sector works with the voluntary and community sector in order to develop better health and social care services.

Previously, among other jobs he has been the regional manager of Refugee Action, the manager of a community mental health team, the coordinator of Schizophrenia Media Agency and a planner in the health service. He is or has been involved in a wide range of voluntary and community groups: Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit; Chorlton and Whalley Range Dementia Alliance; Green Chorlton; Chorlton Refurb; African Caribbean Mental Health Services; Climate Change Steering Group for Manchester; and Hearing Voices Network.

His publications include: Including migrant populations in Joint Strategic Needs Assessment; Gateway Protection Programme Good Practice Guide; and most recently Review of Equality Funding Programme 2013/14 to 2015/16. He has post-graduate qualifications in Collaborative leadership, Voluntary Sector Management and Energy and Environmental Sciences.

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